The world of start-ups and agile teams is slowly but surely conquering the landscape of corporations and medium-sized companies. Small and agile teams with autonomous decision-making levels are better able to put into practice the speed that is needed today to set up a new business segment. The result is innovations that succeed without the bureaucracy of established business processes.

We advise and support start-ups or corporate ventures in setting up the necessary technology and question digital business models with regard to network coordination and data intelligence. We form interdisciplinary teams with the individual stakeholders and support the development of the project until it can be transformed into an independent organization. Here you benefit not least from our practical experience as the founder of a successful digital business: RECORDBAY has covered the disciplines of platform, data intelligence, marketing and sales, since its inception and has therefore always been designed for the creation of new internal and external companies. For exceptionally interesting projects, we offer a participation in the form of Sweat Equity.


When developing digital business models, you need the right sparring partner. The euphoria at the beginning of every company often obscures the view as to whether a project is "ready-to-market" or not. A clear perspective on the business model can protect you from encountering unforeseen arguments in discussions with investors or when releasing the MVP.

In order to evaluate whether an idea or a product is "ready-to-market", our experts subject it to a detailed analysis. We can offer a team that holistically covers the strategic points and the technological components. We also offer Technology Audits for Technology Audits for investors. In these we evaluate whether the promises in the pitch deck are realistic and can later be scaled.

Pitch Decks

Investors and decision makers in companies usually pay attention to other things than founders or idea providers in companies. In addition to the presentation of the idea, the key figures and strategic aspects of a venture should, therefore, also be prepared in such a way that they are VC or C-level compatible. Aspects such as design and visual communication are also of decisive importance when it comes to getting stakeholders on board.

We support you in the idea phase to develop pitch decks and to bring them into a finished format. We pay special attention to the layout of the content structure. Because only a coherent structure can develop the necessary power of persuasion. This is why we help you to obtain the right market figures and work with you to create the most important forecasts and key figures.

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