Platforms have advanced to become the dominant business model on the Internet. A well-designed platform creates an infrastructure for a company's marketplace, improves coordination and achieves valuable network effects.

These effects attract both suppliers and customers. At present, it is still difficult for companies to use this advantage directly for themselves. This is because third parties are often the operators of the platforms, who participate significantly in the success of the marketplace via their "intermediary role". In this way, numerous disruptive business models have already emerged in the past, such as Amazon, Airbnb or Uber, which themselves initially had no direct assets, but in the long term grew into strong competitors of the established companies.

The task for companies is clear: in order not to lose control over customer contact, companies themselves must develop and operate modern platforms for their business models. This requires innovative ideas and the necessary technical skills to put them into practice.

We help companies to design and implement scalable platform models so that direct contact with the customer is still guaranteed tomorrow. For you we bring supply and demand together, based on data and help you to profit from all network effects of a platform.

Our approach

To develop platforms for your business environment, we follow a simple and clear approach. It all starts with the right concept and storytelling to have all stakeholders of the project on board. This is followed by all further steps. No matter whether it is a large or small project, we always have all sub-steps under control.

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is the engine of a digital platform. The stable processing of millions of data and requests is one of the most complex challenges in software development. The smart analysis and automated control of processes is crucial for business success.

Developments in cloud technology are advancing rapidly. Global scalability and data analysis based on machine learning are the key to successful cloud business. We help you to make these technologies usable for your business case and to develop them on the latest frameworks.

Data Intelligence

With the increase of mobile devices, sensors, internet technologies and crawling possibilities, new data sources are emerging every day. For companies, the correct handling of data will be a trend-setting step for their further development.

Use data intelligence specifically in your company. Use machine learning to draw the right conclusions for your marketing communication or e-commerce activities. Data-based business models are easier to adjust and you will act with foresight. This gives you the edge you need in a competitive business environment dominated by the intelligent use of data analysis in the 21st century.

Platform Ready?

Are you considering how you can use digital platforms in your business? But you still lack know-how and ideas? Many companies are facing this challenge. The road to success begins with a targeted analysis and the resulting strategic considerations.

In the area of internal communication, marketing or sales, platforms within and outside your company can unfold their effect and achieve high efficiency profits. We analyse possible fields of application and advise you on the identification of new business models. In joint workshops, we work with you to develop the necessary prerequisites for the digital transformation of a business area and the guidelines for possible implementation.


The best marketing communication is a wasted investment if a smooth customer experience cannot be guaranteed at the moment of conversion. E-commerce has developed massively in the areas of scalability and customer experience and the customer has the highest expectations.

E-commerce is one of the most important components of platform architecture when it comes to direct sales impact. This is why we work together with specialists in this field to guarantee seamless integration into the platform. Of course, we control this for you. The more successful a platform becomes, the more important the technical basis behind it. Simply, to avoid surprises and to be able to look back on satisfied customers.

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