Machine learning will have a decisive influence on the future of the economy and will bring decisive competitive advantages for companies that know how to use this technology for themselves. The fields of application are almost unlimited, but require large amounts of training data for artificial intelligence.

We have been working in the field of machine learning for years and help companies to identify and successfully implement the fields of application in their business environment. The collection of data is just as much a part of our range of services as the development of the necessary algorithms.

Due to our scientific background we are also up-to-date in the field of research and development and bring our customers up-to-date, too. In addition to our in-house experts, we work closely with specialists from our worldwide network to meet the complex and rapidly evolving requirements at all times.

Business Intelligence

Many processes in companies are dominated by rigid and software-based rules. Employees often perform lengthy analyses to create forecasts or identify patterns within datasets. However, technologies such as machine learning make a rethink urgently necessary: The strength of human employees lies above all in their creativity. The machine in the analysis process. Finding this balance of power is a core task of future management processes.

Algorithms, such as those developed by our in-house experts, are perfectly suited for machine learning to recognize patterns within datasets. Such an algorithm is capable of interweaving thousands of datasets. In this way, it achieves analysis results that would never have been possible for a human being. Intelligent pattern recognition therefore makes it much easier to make intelligent predictions about future developments and to derive strategic decisions from them.

Assistants & Bots

Current developments show that self-learning assistants and bots will soon automate large parts of corporate communication. Through interaction via voice interfaces or chats, the algorithms are constantly improving so that companies can use them to build a real value in their environment that sets them apart from the competition, economically.

We reorganize processes in your business via voice interfaces or chat platforms. Not only does the algorithm get to know your customers better, but also yourself. In detailed data analyses you will learn more about the behaviour of your customers and can align your processes more effectively.

Computer Vision

With the help of visual training data such as photos or videos, computers are now able to recognize faces, objects and patterns on the basis of machine learning and assign them unerringly. Algorithms can make cancer diagnoses or detect malaria within a blood picture - and much faster than humans.

We will work with you to find out how you can use Computer Vision in your company and how you can design innovative processes with the help of this technology. The possible applications are so diverse that scenarios have to be carefully thought through. Even if the provision of training data represents a considerable effort, the investment is usually worthwhile, since the result can often lead to large increases in productivity.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) attempts to capture natural language and process it in a computer-based manner using rules and algorithms. This area of machine learning is particularly relevant in the field of text- and language-based interaction. The aim is to significantly improve communication between human and machine.

In order to create solutions that recognize and analyze both spoken and written language and extract the meaning for further processing, you need Big Data technologies in addition to machine learning. We support you in training such algorithms, preparing the data and using the artificial intelligence in your company profitably. maschinellen Lernen auch Big Data-Technologien. Wir unterstützen Sie dabei solche Algorithmen zu trainieren, die Daten aufzubereiten und die künstliche Intelligenz in Ihrem Unternehmen gewinnbringend einzusetzen.

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