UX design is a crucial factor when it comes to the use of an application or website. Companies often invest large budgets in functionality and development without paying the necessary attention to front-end design. This is reflected in the later user behavior and is wasted potential. The development of an attractive UX design should therefore always be carried out by experts who take the necessary time and care to ensure a rounded experience.

UX design begins with conception and wireframing. The regular and intensive exchange on the visual concept of functionalities and the constant iteration is the recipe for ideal user guidance. The necessary prerequisites must be created in the project.

Tools such as Invision or Axure allow fast prototyping and user testing. Design thinking, agile working methods and a constructive feedback culture promote creativity throughout the entire design process. Pay the necessary attention to this essential phase in your digital project. We help you to implement your project according to the latest findings.

UX Concept

Every user guidance is also a story. That's why good storytelling at the beginning of a digital project is the best way to start. Get to know your users' personas, your customers and your stakeholders better in the conception process and aim at the different needs. Design does not begin with the selection of the most beautiful colors, but with the knowledge of the goal.

Professional UX conception helps you to better understand the necessary steps within different storylines and to string them together. It makes the design process clearer and justifies the necessity of a function or shows that you can confidently do without it. This is where all the important basics are laid before the first pen is picked up.

Focus groups

Every conception at the beginning is theoretical. In order to be able to represent the ideal UX Design, however, the resulting ideas must be validated in reality on real users. This is the only way to create truly rounded designs.

On request, we include the possibility of user feedback of our UX work in defined phases. For this we work together with experienced partners who test concepts on focus groups and prepare the results. With the help of these conclusions, the design process can be controlled more efficiently and moved faster in the optimal direction.

UX Audits

Applications and websites are getting on in years. Therefore it is recommended to subject your own applications or websites to a UX audit from time-to-time. Can more conversions be achieved? Can the user experience be improved? Can the user reach their goal faster? A UX Audit provides concrete answers to all these questions.

We subject your application or website to a targeted audit. We go into detail and develop suggestions on how a better UX can be achieved at a reasonable cost. Because often "the wheel doesn't have to be reinvented". Sometimes it is enough to facelift the existing solutions and profit from the improvements.

Front End Development

The implementation of a good UX concept requires high-performance and contemporary frameworks. We develop your front end design as a responsive web solution or as a native app, fully comprehensive and based on the latest technologies.

In addition to the focus on fast response times and clarity, we also use animations, parallax effects, smooth transitions, etc., if it serves the UX. Emotionality and technology must be in harmony to create an outstanding front-end design.

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