How can the classic retailer continue to score at the POS? Retailtainment is establishing itself as an important instrument for attracting customers back into business.

In the area of retailtainment it is important to combine classic retail with entertainment, and to offer your customers an experience! Create added value within the sales area. Another important instrument is the digitalization of the POS. Knowledge transfer and the direct combination of online and offline worlds are the challenges here. In an ever faster spinning consumer world, we are always at the ravages of time and offer you tailor-made solutions for use in stores in the area of retailtainment and digitisation of the POS.

NEXT GENERATION digital signage

Together with our technical and hardware partners, we will find the right solution for your shop space. With our Localizer, digital spaces in your shop are always up to date and can be easily and flexibly updated. With our Localizer , digital spaces in your shop are always up to date and can be easily and flexibly updated.

Create new moving image content, independently, with just a few clicks and advertise new products in just a few moments. Predefined templates ensure CI conformity at all times. With our Custom CMS you can easily keep track of the currently broadcast content on your digital signage screens. These are docked directly to the Localizer.

We will be happy to visualize all elements on your sales floor in 3D, in advance, so that we can coordinate the best position with you on site without much effort.

Featured Product

Recordbay puts an end to the time- and cost-intensive process of video adaptation and internationalization. Our innovative platform "Localizer" makes the internationalization, local adaptation and updating of videos easier, faster and cheaper than ever before.



Let your customers independently discover your products through interactive touch screens.

With the help of content such as films, 3D animations, photos or texts, you can describe all facets of your product in more detail. All this can be filled independently via our Content Management System. Should this not be the time, we will of course be happy to support you at any time.

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