Of course, Augmented Reality Experiences can still be enjoyed with the tablet or smartphone. But it is also possible without downloading an app: with Web AR.

Web AR is therefore particularly suitable for target groups that do not belong to an existing app community. Since downloading an app or building up your community always involves a certain amount of effort in advance, augmented reality experience can now be disseminated more quickly.


Web AR offers the advantage of generating AR experiences directly from the browser. A shared link can be used to call up an appropriately prepared website in the browser of a smartphone, for example. The AR Experience can be started in the display of the smartphone after the page has been called - without pre-installation of an app.

The steps to call up the Augmented Reality experience are thus reduced and the probability of distribution is significantly increased.

Our services

As a provider of the complete range of virtual experiences, RECORDBAY also offers the creation of Web AR experiences. We advise you regarding the best integration and distribution strategy and take over the creative idea development. We are also a reliable partner when it comes to implementing the experience itself, leading you on time and within budget to the successful publication of your experience.

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